Our Process

We approach each project individually and adjust services with direction from our clients.  From property purchase through design and construction, we have the knowledge and experience to lead our client through the process comfortably. Project planning is the single most important phase of the entire project, thus, as a design/build firm, Hayward & Company gives our clients the advantage and extra value for their investment.

How do you start?  Follow this simple flow chart.


Hayward and Company’s mission is to provide our clients with the very best possible service, high quality products and long lasting value.  We strive for a high level of client involvement with our team approach towards each and every project.

To us, a house is more than a home – it’s a legacy.


Below is an example view of our state of the art software allowing clients to monitor progress remotely.

An example client view of a project’s status via our Builder Trend management application.