Take this….and build something.

What would you do with this??

At the start of every new year we reflect on our company and all that has accomplished over the many years of serving our clients.  We have completed many projects, big and small, for a wide variety of clients.  Clients that have been happy with our products and services.  Happy clients and a good product – how did we achieve that?  There are few simple answers to this question – honesty, transparency, a sense of humor and, most importantly, our employees (America’s workforce).

Workforce.  Workers. Tradesmen. This year we have committed to helping bring workforce development and successes to the forefront. We have been a cycle in this country, especially in New England, for more than 2 decades that ‘the trades’ are for ‘dumb, stupid, not-all-there’ individuals.  Don’t lie to yourself and think you have never had these phrases cross your lips.   Not only is it untrue, it is something we have to change or we will find ourselves without indoor plumbing or a roof to cover the outhouse!

Hayward & Company actively supports and works with our local tech high school, Huot Technical in Laconia, so students can see the ‘end game’ of their studies.  A life of work with many rewards of creation.

So, next time you see a construction site or have remodeling done, appreciate all the trades people that are making it happen!

More to come…#keepworkcool