What can we learn from this wasp nest?

We have been watching this nest all summer and much what these wasps have done we do too! These wasps have worked together for a common purpose – work together as a group to build a structure that protects them and their young. Hmmm….sounds familiar! As we studied the nest we can see that is created from paper – which the wasp make from wood fiber. But what is really interesting is the design. This nest was created on a tree branch along side our road so it had very little protection but it shape sheds water. It also has vents in the top of the nest to allow the drying process to occur. Hmmm…sheds water and provides ventilation?

It it ‘magical’ that the science of building can been viewed right in nature. We are not saying that our homes are like a wasp nest but what is does say is that teamwork and proper design and construction methods make it all work!

This ‘magic’ of a home of your own will be on display for all to tour during the New Hampshire Parade of Homes this Columbus Day Weekend. We hope you can make the time to view our very special entry – a 2,600 square foot custom timber frame home.

The one thing we learned about real estate…there is nothing more satisfying then a home of your own.