Barn Works

Barn Works is our newest design and construction service! At Hayward & Company, we took our passion for our animals (and humans!) and our timber framing abilities to offer our clients an affordable and beautiful line of outbuildings. So whether you are looking to create a building for horses, hobbies, cows, cars, boats, tractors or just your stuff –we can help!

Our outbuilding frames are typically constructed from native rough-sawn hemlock. Hemlock is one of the most structurally sound woods with higher dimensional strength than pine or spruce. Hemlock is one of the most prevalent trees in New Hampshire and Maine thus it is a cost conscious choice.

We work with our clients to design an outbuilding to fit their needs. Have a boat in need of an extra long and tall storage bay? Have miniature horses? Draft horses? Starting a dog kennel or breeding facility? Need a workshop? Need living space included in the structure? We can design and build any outbuilding from three-sided carriage sheds to multi-level barns.

Driven by cost control and smart, workable design, we can work within your budget to create a building which will be come an irreplaceable addition to your property.

Contact us today to get started!