Custom Homes

Hayward & Company homes are the result of a combined effort between the client and us. Since all our homes are custom, they are designed and constructed for you and only you. The close relationships we have with our clients allow us to control costs, manage timelines and ultimately create a structure which will last for generations.

Custom Design…starts with what inspires you! Our designs are only limited by our imaginations. We, of course, have many ‘tried and true’ designs but many of these act as a springboard towards a custom design. Our goal is to take your ideas and desires when it comes to your new home and work them into a design which will be aesthetically pleasing but also will perform efficiently. Hayward & Company stresses the use of passive solar homes design. Smart design is timeless design.

Quality construction…makes it all come together. Our extensive pre-construction planning makes construction move quickly and efficiently. Working on the details prior to start of construction works in everyone’s favor throughout the duration of the project. Hayward & Company’s experience with construction and construction management gives our clients the advantage and extra value for their dollar.

Hayward & Company specializes in the following:

  • Traditional log home construction
  • Hybrid Post & Beam construction

Here is a little about each…

Traditional log homes have stood the test of time and provide a living environment which cannot be duplicated with any other construction method.  The material choices are extensive and we work with our clients to make the proper choices while remaining conscious of costs.

Traditional log homes are the ultimate ‘green’ choice. Everyone knows trees are the world’s most abundant renewable resource so why not build your home out of them. They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, beautiful, bright, and versatile – what’s not to love!

Hybrid Post & Beams are a wonderful choice for the client who likes the warmth of wood but not to the extent of a traditional log and who loves the clean design of a timber frame but who can’t afford the high cost of a traditional frame. Our hybrid solution is truly a beautiful choice with endless options for your home’s exterior and interior.

The heart and soul of our Hybrid Post & Beams is the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which comprise the homes walls and ceilings. Constructing with SIPs creates the ultimate High Performance Home (HPH) with energy efficiency which is unmatched in the residential construction industry.

All our homes are built to the 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) and National Association of Home Builders Green Home Building Standard (February 2008).

Start planning your project with us today!